5th Marmaris International  Short Film Festival will be held in Marmaris, Turkey between the 15th of October, 2019 and  20th of October, 2019.


  • To contribute to the development of the short film industry by supporting the short film directors and producers from Turkey and all around the world.
  • To contribute to the cultural development and promotion of Marmaris with the events throughout  the festival and to bring the people of Marmaris together with the films, directors and cinema people from Turkey and abroad.


Festival Committee

  • The Festival Committee is the decision-making organ of the festival. The committee, chaired by the Director of the Festival, determines and supervises the festival's project, calendar and operation.
  • The authority to decide on any disputes and on any subjects not mentioned in the specifications  is on the committee. The decisions of the Committee are final.

Festival Director

  • The Director of the Festival, after making an equitable distribution of duties, ensures and follows that the units work in harmony in compliance with their duties, and in accordance with the specifications and the festival calendar.

Assistant Coordinators

  • Assistant coordinators are the executive organs of the festival. All kinds of field operations such as applications, screenings, events, transportation, accommodation, opening, closing, award ceremony  are performed by these units.

Advisory Board

The advisory board, which consists of well-known filmmakers and experienced  people in the sector, serves the development and growth of the festival through their connections and experiences.


  • National competition is realised in four different categories ; fiction, documentary, experimental and animation. Participants determine in which branch they will participate in the competition. However, in  case of controversial situations the decision of the pre-jury is valid.
  •  If the category of the participating film, the genre of the film is not suitable for this category or if it does not have the characteristics of the genre, the category may be changed or the film may be eliminated by the Pre-jury.


  • The directors and/or producers, who are the citizens of the Republic of Turkey can participate in the national competition with up to 2 movies at maximum.
  • Citizens of foreign countries can only participate in the national competition if more than fifty percent of employees are Turkish citizens. (According to Generic information)
  • Films that include and involve racism, sexism and terrorist propaganda are disqualified by the committee and/or the pre-jury.
  • Publicly shared films through social media cannot participate in the competition.
  • Films previously participated in the Marmaris International Short Film Festival cannot participate in the competition.
  • Applicants participating in the festival are obliged to provide the relevant department with all the documents and materials required in the application form.


  • The films to participate in the competition;
  • should be taken in film or at least 1920x1080 hd video format,
  • should have an understandable level of sound quality,
  • should have a duration of less than 30 minutes,
  • should be produced after the 1st of January, 2018 and
  • should have English subtitles if they are in Turkish, and have both Turkish and English subtitles if they are in a foreign language.


  • Participants may withdraw from the competition one month before the date of the festival. In this case they cannot participate in the competition again.
  •  All the responsibility for copyright matters belongs to the applicant. The festival committee has no responsibility for any copyright-related matter.
  • Up to 10-second episodes from finalist and screen films can be used by the festival committee for purposes of promotion, announcement, news, etc. of the festival.
  • If the participating film has more than one director and/or producer and/or screenwriter, the applicant must fill in all the names by adding a comma (,) between the names. Example: “Director Ali SAMET, Suna GÜL, Şeyma SAL”
  • Marmaris International Short Film Festival has the right to create a selection of participating films and display in domestic and international organizations by making a general announcement in social media in a non-commercial manner without any permission but just by notifying the director of films by e-mail.
  • After completing the application, the Director and/or the Producer shall be deemed to have accepted the festival specifications and the festival rights.


  • Festival Committee will address to the director and/or producer who wrote in the credits.
  • The compliance of the participating films with  the specifications is supervised by the festival committee and the preliminary jury. The Festival Committee at all stages of the festival may eliminate or disqualify films which do not comply with the specifications.
  •  The Festival Committee may disqualify the film at all stages of the festival and competition,  if any of the film crew conducts unsuitable behaviors, propagates, commits any crime, attacks against the personal rights of the festival committee, jury members, guests and other participating directors and teams, and the audience.
  • The festival will be held on the determined date, but with a significant reason the date can be rearranged by the festival committee.
  • Short films submitted cannot be withdrawn from the film screening program after 15th September, 2019, even if they are withdrawn from the competition.
  • The names of persons  who are involved in the film and have the copyright must be definitely notified.
  • The directors and/or the producers are directly responsible of the music, photos, etc. Without copyrights. Festival management does not accept any responsibility with regard to copyrights.
  • The episodes of the films participating in the festival can be used for advertising purposes of the festival  (television, promotional film and generic).
  • Festival management has the right to display the participating films in the tour program of Marmaris International Short Film Festival.
  •  The films of the first-degree relatives of the committee members and the jury members cannot be taken into the competition program.
  • No screening fee and/or royalties will be paid to the films qualified  for the  finals.


  • Applications will be made through the website www.filmfreeway.com between 5th of May, 2019 and 30th of July, 2019. No applications will be taken by any other means.
  • It is mandatory to fill in all fields on Filmfreeway and to upload all the necessary forms and documents.
  • The revision requests of the contestants will not be accepted after the completion of the application.


Preliminary Evaluation

  • The Festival Committee determines and announces the preliminary Jury consisting of three people.
  • The results of the preliminary evaluation will be announced on the festival's website “www.marmarisfilmfest.com” before the festival, through the social media network of the festival, by e-mail and through the press.
  • The finalist films and screening films are determined by the preliminary jury. Finalist films directly gain the right of screening.
  • -The decisions of the Pre-Jury are final and cannot be changed.

Final Evaluation

  • The Festival Committee determines and announces the Main Jury of five people.
  • The decisions and awards of the Main Jury are final and cannot be changed.


  • Fiction (1st and 2nd prize) - Statuette
  • Documentary (1st and 2nd prize) - Statuette
  • Animation (1st and 2nd prize) - Statuette
  •  Experimental (1st and 2nd prize) - Statuette
  • Jury Special Award  -Statuette
  • Public Jury Award - Statuette
  • Preliminary Jury Special Award - Statuette
  •  Best Film Award Between High Schools - Statuette



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