National and High School Competition, International Film Screenings

General Rules

• High School competition section of the festival is subject to the same conditions as the other short film competition.

• Only films by filmmakers and/or directors with Turkish citizenship can participate in the competition section of the festival.

• Films by non-nationals will be shown in a special screening program.

• Only the films shot after January 1, 2017 are accepted to the festival.

• When necessary, the festival committee can require Recording and Registration Documents.

• Short films can participate in Narrative, Experimental, Animated and Documentary

Short categories.

• Films submitted must be 1920X1080 HD in size and in a format that can be opened on any computer.

• Films for Narrative, Experimental, and Animated Short categories cannot exceed 20 minutes, including the credits and titles, and those for the Documentary Short section 30 minutes.

• Applications for participation must be made by filling in the application form at “” and submitted online.

• Upon filling in the application form and submitting it, the filmmaker (Director or producer) whose name appears on the application form accepts the Regulations and the Rights of the Festival.

• Participants can submit more than one film.

• Films in Turkish, participating in the competition, should contain English subtitles, and films in any other language must have both Turkish and English subtitles, which must be sent to via wetransfer.

• For the jury members to view the films online, films must be uploaded on vimeo/youtube and remain there until the end of the festival.

• Festival cannot be held responsible for any unauthorized inclusion of any copyrighted content (music, photograph, picture, etc.) in the submitted films. The sole responsibility is with the director and/or producer whose name appears on the application form.

• Marmaris International Short Film Festival holds the right of non-commercial screening of the films throughout Turkey during the tour program following the end of the festival.

• The following documents and materials must be uploaded on wetransfer by the filmmakers and a link for downloading must be included in the relevant section of the application form:

• A short bio of the director (both, in Turkish and English; each 250 characters maximum)

• As specified in the Regulations, film dialogues for participants from abroad.

• A short synopsis of the film (in Turkish and English, each 250 characters maximum).

• At least two high-resolution set photos of the film.

• If available, a high resolution poster of the film.

• Director’s photograph.

• After uploading the documents specified in the Regulations  on wetransfer, enter the wetransfer link on the relevant section of the application form.


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