Festival Committee Rules

-Festival Committee designates the members of the Pre-Jury and the Main Jury and announces their names in advance.

-Decisions of the Pre-Jury and Main Jury are final and are not subject to change.

- Festival committee addresses itself only to the director and/or producer whose name appears in the credits.

-Festival Committee can at any stage disqualify the films that do not conform to the Regulations.

-Festival committee can disqualify a film, if any member of the film’s crew engages in improper behavior during any stage of the festival and competition, makes propaganda, commits a crime, or violates the individual rights of the festival committee, jury members, guests and other participating directors and film crews, or the audiences.

-Festival will be held on the specified date; however, the festival committee can change the dates for unforeseen circumstances.

-Preselection results will be announced before the festival on www.marmarisfilmfest.com and shared with the media.

-Films that applied for participation in the festival cannot withdraw from the screening program, even if they withdraw from the competition before August 30, 2018.

-Names of the individuals who have taken part in the film and thus can claim copyright must be indicated.

- Upon filling in the application form and submitting it, the filmmaker (Director or producer) whose name appears on the application form accepts the Regulations and the Rights of the Festival.

-Festival committee holds the right to decide on any issue not specified in the Festival Regulations.

- Scenes from the films participating in the festival can be used for the promotion of the festival (on TV channels, or in the form of trailers).

- Festival committee holds the right to send a selection of festival films to other festivals both in Turkey and abroad.

- Festival committee holds the right to screen the participating films in Marmaris International Short Film Festival tour program.

- First-degree relatives of the festival committee and jury members cannot participate in the competition program.


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